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Monday, May 29, 2017

2017 Results


Thanks to all who helped make the 16th Annual Jesse Blancarte 10K TT a success!

  • First of all, thanks to all our racers...we hope to see you next year!
  • The Blancarte Family...thanks for your continued support!
  • The Johnson County Sheriff's Office...your presence is huge!
  • Roger Harrison and Jesse Miguel for your time and photo support!
  • Members and families of BRBC...who were up early, stayed late, marshaled, swept, raced...
  • JCPRD for use of the New Century Fieldhouse lot
  • Our excellent USAC Officials...Sherri Hahn and Carey Rainey
  • Bill Anderson and Anderson Rentals
  • Erik's Bike & Board
Please let us know what you liked and where you see opportunities for improvement.  The Blue River Bicycle Club strives to make this event, honoring one of our founding members, better every year.

See you next year!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Rider's Meeting Preview

There will be a short riders' meeting at 8:45 am Sunday morning.  Some important details which will be dispensed include:

  • This is an open course.  Be aware of traffic, including tractor/trailers, on the course, and stay to the right side of the road unless passing another rider.
  • Do not follow another rider closer than 80 feet/25 meters
  • If passing another rider, stay to the right of the double-yellow line and keep as much distance between you and the other rider as traffic, safety (and the double yellow line) allow.
  • Once the race begins at 9:00 am, do not continue to warm up on the course.  The best place to warm up once the race begins is just south of the start on Industrial Road (east-west).
  • Know the course!  Maps are available on the blog link and registration.  The course is simple; there are two turns and one turnaround.
  • The turn-around is counter-clockwise!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Slight Course Changes/Improvements!

The course this year remains largely unchanged with two exceptions: 1) The START is moved about 150 meters north on New Century Parkway, and 2) The FINISH is moved about 150 meters south on New Century Parkway.  The course length remains 10 kilometers, and both the start and finish will be closer to parking/registration.  This will also give a longer straightaway to the finish.  Both the start and finish will be well-marked, and updated maps will be available to view at registration.  We think this is a slight improvement of the course on many levels!  See the map here or click on the link to the right.  See you Sunday!

Friday, May 19, 2017

When can you ignore this sign?  On May 28th!  There is road work being done at the intersection of 159th Street and Old Kansas City Road, which is east of the course turnaround and does not affect the Blancarte Time Trial Course.  This sign is at the intersection of New Century Parkway and "Industrial Road" or "North Loop Road," depending on which online map/street sign you prefer.  Obviously, use caution on the outbound right turn from New Century Parkway onto North Loop Road to avoid this sign, as well as the left turn from North Loop Road back onto New Century Parkway; staying to the right of the double-yellow line when making your left turn (a USAC rule on an open course) will ensure safety.  As always, this turn will be monitored by a Sheriff's Deputy and a Course Marshall.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

10.0K Course Video

Here is a video of the Blancarte TT course.  The start is on New Century Parkway heading north.  At about 2.5 miles there is a right turn onto North Loop Road eastbound.  North Loop Road quickly makes a curve heading southbound into the COUNTER-CLOCKWISE turnaround at 159th St.  The route is then retraced back.  The finish is on southbound New Century Parkway and is just before you reach the registration area at the New Century Fieldhouse.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Other Tidbits (aka In Case You Were Wondering...Part 2)

Remember that the Blancarte 10K Time Trial course is an open course...check back for more course details later.  We are once again fortunate to have the presence and assistance of the Johnson County Sheriff's Office,  a course map is available in the link to the right, a video will soon be posted, and printed maps will be available at registration to view or take with you.
Remember that on an open course you must stay to the right of the yellow line at all times. Also, you must maintain a distance of 25 meters (80 feet) behind the rider ahead of you.  A pass (from 25 meters behind a rider to 25 meters ahead of that rider) should be accomplished within a distance of 500 meters.  Also, you should maintain 2 meters (7 feet) between yourself and another rider when passing.  Of course, riders are very rarely penalized for these infractions unless done willfully and blatantly; on the other hand, 1) we can all compete in the spirit of these rules and 2) you now know a few other pieces of cycling trivia!
Another gem from the USAC Rule Book: Sleeveless Jerseys ARE allowed in Individual Time Trials!